What they're saying

In 2014, I married my husband in a remote part of Big Sur, California, on a grassy cliff overlooking the Pacific. Of course in return for asking people to drive 3 hours from the nearest airport, we needed to provide them with sweeping views of ocean, spectacular forests and cliff sides, an open bar, and what I hope was an amazing party. Capturing the majesty of the location and the spirit of the event was immensely important to me. When we called Michael, we’d seen some of the incredible work he’d done up until that point, but I don’t think he’d ever shot a wedding. We figured that an artist was an artist, and that he would create something unique and cool for us. Thank god we did, and that he agreed to film our day. What Michael created for us was the perfect combination of (a) what we told him we wanted, and (b) what we didn’t know we wanted, but absolutely needed. That’s the benefit of hiring an artist who knows what he’s doing, and actually cares to create something special, beautiful, modern, customized, and to put it simply perfect for you. He captured the best details and the mood of the event, got amazing shots of some of our dearest family and sexiest friends, chose music that proved to be a perfect match for the video, and sprinkled in some interviews from our parents that make me just a little teary eyed. I’m not sure how else to recommend Michael as a videographer for any project, including a wedding, except to say, I recommend Michael wholeheartedly and without reservation.
— Liz M.
After watching one of Michael’s wedding videos, we knew we wanted his thoughtful talent to tell our wedding story. Michael is the best: he totally got our family, he shot beautiful footage of our ceremony and reception, and he created an incredible video that pulled it all together. He clearly has an eye for detail and capturing memorable moments. We’re coming up on our third wedding anniversary and I’m so excited to re-watch Michael’s amazing video and relive that happy day!
— Fay G.
Thank god we found Michael! Not only did he capture all the perfect moments from the day, but the final video really nailed our personality as a couple. He was able to take in the energy and quirkiness of the day and compile a video that really felt like us—totally unlike the generic wedding videos you see sometimes. He was so easy to work with and made us feel comfortable on what could have been a stressful day. He had great ideas about shots and really made the day fun, which was the ultimate goal. And I think that comes across in the video! The experience with Michael was awesome and smooth, and it was one thing we didn’t have to worry about on our big day!
— Sarah M.