Frequently Asked Questions

How far will you travel?

We are located in Southern California, but can discuss traveling for weddings outside of the area.

What are your rates?

We offer two packages. The Gold Package includes one videographer,  drone coverage, the day's footage and a 5 to 10 minute highlight video, at a price of $2,400. The Diamond Package includes  two videographers, drone coverage, the day's footage and a 10 to 20 minute highlight video, at a price of $3,500.  

After each highlight video is made, you are allowed one revision. 

The footage from the day usually amounts to about 3 hours of video.

For examples of highlight videos please visit the video page.

Please contact us for pricing information.


We will be at the event for about 10 hours – from the bride getting ready to after the cake is cut.

Do you offer drone coverage?

Yes! We recently purchased a drone and we are excited to offer drone coverage at coming weddings. 

Who chooses the Highlight video's music?

You do.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a $800 deposit.

How long after my wedding will I receive the video?

Within 8 weeks. 

Do you recommend any photographers?

Yes! Please check out the incredible work of my good friend Tyler Chase at